The current conflict

From the point of view of the Universe, there’s no need for a human to have to work that much. There is already an excess of everything.

But from the view of companies or the country, as they have to keep making things in order to prosper, they keep making more. You must make a lot to sell a lot and then the government collects lots of taxes. To make a lot, gradually more and more labor is needed, and since you make too much, it all becomes waste and this creates a problem for garbage disposal and the environment.

For those who recognize that all of this is destroying our environment, all of this is such a crime, but to businesses and governments, it is a crime not to produce more.

That makes the conflict which we experience these days….

How are we thinking?

– We think that working extremely hard means you are a better person or is what makes one’s life meaningful

-Materials are important and should be produced as much as possible

-It is better to live all on top of each other in cities than to be a part of nature

-Nature is ours to be used and abused

-Nature is a seperate thing  from us

-That our food and living comes to us from our own efforts (and not provided  to us for free through nature’s blessing)

Here is a short piece of the film “Baraka” (1992)

I think it is a wonderful visual representation of how ridiculous and undignified our lives have become…how we manage ourselves and how we manage nature…