From the viewpoint of nature and the universe, human beings are working too much and wasting energy on making unnecessary things. Humans were born for evolution but rather than evolving, they are regressing and are adding pollution to the Earth. It is enough to use your labor power within the conditions for you to evolve, that is, in a way where you can eat, wear, and live simply. For the remainder, you are expected to use your energy for cultural, creative and spiritual work. However, the situation is, conversely, you would be blamed for being extravagant if you give priority to culture.

As I said, well-being is the gigantic stream to the path we are supposed to return. Right now it is threatened by those with vested interest and regarded as the doings of the eccentric minority. However, the mass media is already showing interest, and it is rising as a leading group and a main trend. It is the stream that we cannot refuse.

Ultimately, we can say that well-being is the purification movement for the body and soul. This is the answer to the question of spirit, health and evolution which humans need.