Recently, I have been feeling somewhat helpless about the Earth’s situation. I look around me and I see that people are taking too long to become awakened about the reality we are facing on Earth.

I am also too slow to move, sometimes I feel “Oh there’s too much to be done and what good could little me do to help such a drasitc situation”!

But I watched a splendid film the other day called “Dirt, the movie”

Please see it if you can. It is about exactly that “dirt” or soil and it goes into marvellous explanations as it shows our relationship to soil and how we have been damaging it. But rather than feeling more helpless by more doom and gloom, I was rather inspired by it’s message.

In the film there was also a contribution by one of my modern day heroes, Wangari Maathai, who is playing a great role for our planet from her place in Kenya Africa. I am humbled by her magnificent attitude and I loved her story ab out the hummingbird, from “Dirt: The Movie”

Please have a look at her delightful story below…

and by all means, please see the film! Here is the trailer…