In a world which is deteriorating rapidly, what is the fastest way to make a difference?

I believe it is to “Change oneself”

1. When you wake up every day, think of what you can do that day, and do it.
Set forward your strengths, and make them more vivid.
Admit your weaknesses and make up for them.
We should know what our strong and weak points are and should push ahead with our strong points while supplementing our weak points.

2. While you are doing your usual work or jobs of living, do one thing more you can do to help our planet, regardless of your work.
We should do more over and above what we are already doing, by asking ourslelves every morning “What can I do right now for our struggling Earth”

3. Perhaps you could do something unique, for example, collecting garbage wherever you go and can become known for that.
4. If you want to make a differnece, you must change yourself first, then if you succeed in changing yourself, next your neigbours and family will be changed. This will happen if you make an impression of them with your effort and sincerity.
If you can’t change your own attitude, then how can you change the world?
Once you change, your neighbours and family can change.
And when they change, the world can change.
If you don’t even change yourself, then who can say us humans will change the world in the future?
That is why small actions count and are in fact everything.
Let’s change ourselves day by day and then change the things closest to us and in doing do, change the world…

The 3 steps to change the world:
1. to control yourself (emotions and desires) first through practicing no-selfness,
2. to change your surroundings with your own presence and role,
(Please refer to the movies, Kamome Diner and Bagdad Cafe)
3. and furthermore to change the world where you belong (family, friends, relatives or at least your neighbors) even by a little bit through changing yourself.