Where does food come from?

Where does water come from?

Where does your house come from?

These days, because of our distorted economic system, we think that food comes from the local store, or if we are pushed we might say “oh, the farmers of course”…

We think that water is supplied by “the water company”…

and that our houses come from “the building company”…

and we think that we have earned the right to those by paying for them with money…

It is because our viewpoint has become distorted.

We have become completely seperated from nature…We are so detached from the very entity which feeds and clothes us, which provides us with water and which raises us from a tiny baby into adulthood. As a mother, how do you think earth might feel, as her children just take what she gives without ever saying “thank you” or having a grateful mind…? Without the reciprocity, Earth might eventually lose the inclination to love and support us…

The farmers who work the land, do not make the vegetables or fruit themselves, they merely assist them to grow.

The water which nature provides for free, is only channelled by a company into your home.

And the building materials for your home were gathered from the soil under your feet, the builders merely assembled them.

Let’s not forget the real origin of all our blessings.

We have not “earned” them, simply by saying “I buy my food and pay for my water bill”.

Don’t we owe nature a big debt?

We should treat her with deepest respect and a grateful mind.