The Economic Crisis is worsening all over the world, driven by high fuel / gas /petrol /diesel /natural gas price hikes.


Even if tghe price goes down a bit, within a short time it will double again.

Peak Oil, we have heard this catch phrase over and over.

DO you really know what this means?

It basically means that we have already passed the point where we have pumped all the easy to get at oil, and the extraction will get progressively more expensive.

Because almost all goods and serives are dependent on oil for their production and also for their transportation, the rising oil prices affect the price of not only the petrol for your car, but also all goods…especially our food production and transportation is heavily oil-reliant. Food prices will increase in proportion to the increase in oil, and populations are increasing faster than we can pump oil…

it is an inevitable equation…we are heading for global economic disasters…

What can we do?

We should become self-sufficient as soon as possible. It is not necessary or advisable to allow yourslef to be completley dependent on the modern way of living. If fuel supplies were to run out due to demand or due to some other reason, like natural disaster, you cannot imagine how vulnerable city-dwellers in particular are. Most stores turnover all the food int heir stor within 3 days. This means, there are constant deliveries to replenish their stocks.

If there were no deliveries, you would have no chance of buying food after 3 days…then, what would you be able to do then? Drive to the countryside? But if the food transport trucks have no fuel to bring the food, then needless to say, it would be almost impossible to get fuel for your car,s o how would you get out of the city?

Feeling insecure and claustrophobic yet?

I am telling you, this is the future, unless we voluntarily make our solutions now in advance. It will be too late to do anything when we hit this crisis and we can expect a huge loss of life, after an ugly fight for survival.

WAKE UP! This is real!

Can’t you feel the urgency?

We have to form sustainable intentional communities and learn how to live “off the grid” as they say. We have to grow our own food and find ways to live differently. It is not only possible, but is positive in terms of our health, the health of society and life-style.

After a period of adjustment, we will have more leisure time and more stability than ever before as we work together to share resources and skills. In modern society, people are working endless hours, eating badly, living lonely and miserable existences anyway, with permanent financial stress, created by an artificial financial system which is designed to keep you in debt.

HEY! Nature gives us everything for free in reality. We need to find that reality.

That is the truth. Mother nature does not send you water bills and rental bills

What have we got to lose…?

Only everything to gain, I think.