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I would like to appeal to our survival instinct for a moment…

Looking at earth’s situation from another angle, we should be concerned about our future survival, due to our parasitc behaviour!

Inspite of having the highest level of intelligence on the planet – contrary to being the earth’s caretakers, we have rather abused the earth and we have behaved like a disease or a parasitic infection.

We have introduced toxins and distress to earth, instead of benefits

We have taken away from, rather than added to earth with our presence

and despite obvious consequequences to our behaviour, we have not changed our ways enough to make a difference to earth’s health yet.

This is why our existence on earth in in danger…

If an animal or ourselves discover parasites living on or in our bodies that harm us, we generally take action against those organims. It’s nothing personal against the parasite. Even though we know the parasites have a desire to live, we would still take action, if they were harming us.  There are various ways to get rid of parasites, as nature shows us…

There is the…eh…Physcial destruction method… 🙂

…crushing one’s parasites…



Taking a bath in mud

(…Suffocating one’s parasites with mud…)


Taking a bath or shower in water

(…drowning or washing away one’s parasites…)

Using one parasite to get rid of another

(…using an assassin…)

Tickbirds eat ticks off the big game, who sit patiently still while their parasites are removed…

Earth is also a living organism and we are behaving like earth’s parasites, but we are choosing to be like that…we not not have to live this way… we can change, but we have to do it quickly…there is no time!

I like this analogy from “Dirt: The Movie”. Please have look…

We better hope that a “United Organization of Organisms” isn’t organised by earth’s other inhabitants anytime soon! After all, we have been abusing them all for a long long time…

If the plants animals and other organisms who share earth with us could choose…I think we would definatley be voted out, and we would likely get evicted from Earth by nature’s own special methods…

The Physical destruction method (earthquakes)

…crushing one’s parasites…


Taking a bath in mud

(…Suffocating one’s parasites with mud…)


Taking a bath or shower in water

(…drowing or washing away one’s parasites…)


Using one parasite to get rid of another

(…hiring an assassin…)


In the case of diseases, bacteria or viruses use the host for their food and reproduction, before poinsoning or destroying the host….sound familiar?

Human population representation


 Perhaps there are even other methods which I haven’t thought of here…

So, I really hope that we come to see how our behavior has influened this beautiful planet negatively, and that we choose to change our culture very quickly.

By doing so, we might avert or lessen some of the more drastic cleaning processing which have already been scheduled.

Mother Earth is a mother, after all – and mothers have an enormous capacity for forgiveness




1 x smallish blue and green planet

Billions years of plant and animal remains forming layer upon layer (oil)

1 x Industrial revolution, burn all the oil which took  billions years to form, in just 100 years

1 x assumption that the oil will never run out and that the pollution is someone else’s problem

mix together and stand back!


From the viewpoint of nature and the universe, human beings are working too much and wasting energy on making unnecessary things. Humans were born for evolution but rather than evolving, they are regressing and are adding pollution to the Earth. It is enough to use your labor power within the conditions for you to evolve, that is, in a way where you can eat, wear, and live simply. For the remainder, you are expected to use your energy for cultural, creative and spiritual work. However, the situation is, conversely, you would be blamed for being extravagant if you give priority to culture.

As I said, well-being is the gigantic stream to the path we are supposed to return. Right now it is threatened by those with vested interest and regarded as the doings of the eccentric minority. However, the mass media is already showing interest, and it is rising as a leading group and a main trend. It is the stream that we cannot refuse.

Ultimately, we can say that well-being is the purification movement for the body and soul. This is the answer to the question of spirit, health and evolution which humans need.

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