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I am wondering…Specifically, what is the energy of love …?

Here’s what I think…so let me know what you think about it through comments:)

Although love can be expressed in many different ways, its energy is all the same. That is –  life force. Loving people are lively and a loving society is full of vitality. Love is the energy that runs the Universe. It is the fundamental power that makes the very core of all things. The first stage of love is the love between man and woman, new lives are born out of that love. Love is the energy that creates such lives.

 Secondarily, if love is directed toward people, not only between a man and a woman, the love brings about the development of consciousness. That is – people don’t only live by human instinct but develop their inclination to the path of evolution. As people come to know what they should do on the stage of the “Earth”, they will be newly born as conscious entities apart from  just being natural beings.

 Next, when love is exalted to the dimension of love for nature, people become aware not just of visible lives but of invisible ones. If you feel like saying hello to animals and plants, you have already begun to believe in invisible beings 🙂

 If you feel the love of plants that is full of pure love, you will become conscious of the circulation system of the Earth and will be in accord with family members of the living entity, the Earth.

 Next comes the love for “Heaven” – not in a christian sense, but in the sense which includes the earth and it’s surroundings – seeing the earth and yuourself as a part of something higher. You will enter the stage where you realize why you were born on the Earth and what you have to do on the Earth. Then you will finally develop the consciousness about the Universe and begin to seriously think about the question “Who am I?.” Your love is then promoted to the level of the Universe.

Like this, love may exist in many different levels, but we can say it is all the same in the characteristic that the energy called love creates new life force.

So I wonder…. If the consciousness of humanity grows and their love increases, can we change the situation of the upcoming crisis?

I guess the land cannot be restored even if you realize the value of a land after we have ruined it. I think we will have to go through what we should, but I believe that the intensity of the crisis can be decreased. If many people recognize and love the Earth as a living entity, they will be able to perceive the signals of the Earth. When they can converse with the Earth, they will be able to literally discuss the situations with the Earth. They will be able to evacuate in advance because they can receive information about the impending volcanic eruption.  For instance,  if you had to listen to the Earth right now, what do you think the it would say? It could be a predictable answer…that since the balance and harmony of its circulation system are broken, it would moan because of its serious illness –  it can hardly control the system anymore, so global warming and abnormal weather conditions come about

 – What can we do for the Mother Earth who moans with serious illness?

At first, we should sincerely feel sorry about  Mother Earth who has almost died because of her children who lack good sense and we should apologize to her. And then, we should think about how to cure her.  Growing life through securing farming or forests can be one of the healing methods for the Earth.

 If you put things into action one by one in this way with your concern and stir up your interest and love for the Earth and living things, that will be a solution. Love may sound unreal, but it is a very real method. In order to overcome the present crisis, humankind must fall in love with the Earth. It is love.

If we get to understand and love the earth sincerely, and don’t think only about  survival because of fear, the energy of the love will make us act unconsciously and that will make everything grow. If the actions and minds of such love are continued, the effects will spread like dominoes and will become a part of the entire consciousness of humankind and the Earth would cease its violent self-cleansing. Furthermore, the power of such love will be the source from which humankind will be born as the heroes of the new age.

I believe Earth is waiting for us to wake up…

From now on, let’s offer our sincere love to Mother Earth.




In a world which is deteriorating rapidly, what is the fastest way to make a difference?

I believe it is to “Change oneself”

1. When you wake up every day, think of what you can do that day, and do it.
Set forward your strengths, and make them more vivid.
Admit your weaknesses and make up for them.
We should know what our strong and weak points are and should push ahead with our strong points while supplementing our weak points.

2. While you are doing your usual work or jobs of living, do one thing more you can do to help our planet, regardless of your work.
We should do more over and above what we are already doing, by asking ourslelves every morning “What can I do right now for our struggling Earth”

3. Perhaps you could do something unique, for example, collecting garbage wherever you go and can become known for that.
4. If you want to make a differnece, you must change yourself first, then if you succeed in changing yourself, next your neigbours and family will be changed. This will happen if you make an impression of them with your effort and sincerity.
If you can’t change your own attitude, then how can you change the world?
Once you change, your neighbours and family can change.
And when they change, the world can change.
If you don’t even change yourself, then who can say us humans will change the world in the future?
That is why small actions count and are in fact everything.
Let’s change ourselves day by day and then change the things closest to us and in doing do, change the world…

The 3 steps to change the world:
1. to control yourself (emotions and desires) first through practicing no-selfness,
2. to change your surroundings with your own presence and role,
(Please refer to the movies, Kamome Diner and Bagdad Cafe)
3. and furthermore to change the world where you belong (family, friends, relatives or at least your neighbors) even by a little bit through changing yourself.


Recently, I have been feeling somewhat helpless about the Earth’s situation. I look around me and I see that people are taking too long to become awakened about the reality we are facing on Earth.

I am also too slow to move, sometimes I feel “Oh there’s too much to be done and what good could little me do to help such a drasitc situation”!

But I watched a splendid film the other day called “Dirt, the movie”

Please see it if you can. It is about exactly that “dirt” or soil and it goes into marvellous explanations as it shows our relationship to soil and how we have been damaging it. But rather than feeling more helpless by more doom and gloom, I was rather inspired by it’s message.

In the film there was also a contribution by one of my modern day heroes, Wangari Maathai, who is playing a great role for our planet from her place in Kenya Africa. I am humbled by her magnificent attitude and I loved her story ab out the hummingbird, from “Dirt: The Movie”

Please have a look at her delightful story below…

and by all means, please see the film! Here is the trailer…


From the viewpoint of nature and the universe, human beings are working too much and wasting energy on making unnecessary things. Humans were born for evolution but rather than evolving, they are regressing and are adding pollution to the Earth. It is enough to use your labor power within the conditions for you to evolve, that is, in a way where you can eat, wear, and live simply. For the remainder, you are expected to use your energy for cultural, creative and spiritual work. However, the situation is, conversely, you would be blamed for being extravagant if you give priority to culture.

As I said, well-being is the gigantic stream to the path we are supposed to return. Right now it is threatened by those with vested interest and regarded as the doings of the eccentric minority. However, the mass media is already showing interest, and it is rising as a leading group and a main trend. It is the stream that we cannot refuse.

Ultimately, we can say that well-being is the purification movement for the body and soul. This is the answer to the question of spirit, health and evolution which humans need.

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