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The Economic Crisis is worsening all over the world, driven by high fuel / gas /petrol /diesel /natural gas price hikes.


Even if tghe price goes down a bit, within a short time it will double again.

Peak Oil, we have heard this catch phrase over and over.

DO you really know what this means?

It basically means that we have already passed the point where we have pumped all the easy to get at oil, and the extraction will get progressively more expensive.

Because almost all goods and serives are dependent on oil for their production and also for their transportation, the rising oil prices affect the price of not only the petrol for your car, but also all goods…especially our food production and transportation is heavily oil-reliant. Food prices will increase in proportion to the increase in oil, and populations are increasing faster than we can pump oil…

it is an inevitable equation…we are heading for global economic disasters…

What can we do?

We should become self-sufficient as soon as possible. It is not necessary or advisable to allow yourslef to be completley dependent on the modern way of living. If fuel supplies were to run out due to demand or due to some other reason, like natural disaster, you cannot imagine how vulnerable city-dwellers in particular are. Most stores turnover all the food int heir stor within 3 days. This means, there are constant deliveries to replenish their stocks.

If there were no deliveries, you would have no chance of buying food after 3 days…then, what would you be able to do then? Drive to the countryside? But if the food transport trucks have no fuel to bring the food, then needless to say, it would be almost impossible to get fuel for your car,s o how would you get out of the city?

Feeling insecure and claustrophobic yet?

I am telling you, this is the future, unless we voluntarily make our solutions now in advance. It will be too late to do anything when we hit this crisis and we can expect a huge loss of life, after an ugly fight for survival.

WAKE UP! This is real!

Can’t you feel the urgency?

We have to form sustainable intentional communities and learn how to live “off the grid” as they say. We have to grow our own food and find ways to live differently. It is not only possible, but is positive in terms of our health, the health of society and life-style.

After a period of adjustment, we will have more leisure time and more stability than ever before as we work together to share resources and skills. In modern society, people are working endless hours, eating badly, living lonely and miserable existences anyway, with permanent financial stress, created by an artificial financial system which is designed to keep you in debt.

HEY! Nature gives us everything for free in reality. We need to find that reality.

That is the truth. Mother nature does not send you water bills and rental bills

What have we got to lose…?

Only everything to gain, I think.



Only when the last tree has been cut down

Only when the last river has been poisoned

Only when the last fish has been caught

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten


– Native American Cree Tribe Prophecy

Where does food come from?

Where does water come from?

Where does your house come from?

These days, because of our distorted economic system, we think that food comes from the local store, or if we are pushed we might say “oh, the farmers of course”…

We think that water is supplied by “the water company”…

and that our houses come from “the building company”…

and we think that we have earned the right to those by paying for them with money…

It is because our viewpoint has become distorted.

We have become completely seperated from nature…We are so detached from the very entity which feeds and clothes us, which provides us with water and which raises us from a tiny baby into adulthood. As a mother, how do you think earth might feel, as her children just take what she gives without ever saying “thank you” or having a grateful mind…? Without the reciprocity, Earth might eventually lose the inclination to love and support us…

The farmers who work the land, do not make the vegetables or fruit themselves, they merely assist them to grow.

The water which nature provides for free, is only channelled by a company into your home.

And the building materials for your home were gathered from the soil under your feet, the builders merely assembled them.

Let’s not forget the real origin of all our blessings.

We have not “earned” them, simply by saying “I buy my food and pay for my water bill”.

Don’t we owe nature a big debt?

We should treat her with deepest respect and a grateful mind.


I am wondering…Specifically, what is the energy of love …?

Here’s what I think…so let me know what you think about it through comments:)

Although love can be expressed in many different ways, its energy is all the same. That is –  life force. Loving people are lively and a loving society is full of vitality. Love is the energy that runs the Universe. It is the fundamental power that makes the very core of all things. The first stage of love is the love between man and woman, new lives are born out of that love. Love is the energy that creates such lives.

 Secondarily, if love is directed toward people, not only between a man and a woman, the love brings about the development of consciousness. That is – people don’t only live by human instinct but develop their inclination to the path of evolution. As people come to know what they should do on the stage of the “Earth”, they will be newly born as conscious entities apart from  just being natural beings.

 Next, when love is exalted to the dimension of love for nature, people become aware not just of visible lives but of invisible ones. If you feel like saying hello to animals and plants, you have already begun to believe in invisible beings 🙂

 If you feel the love of plants that is full of pure love, you will become conscious of the circulation system of the Earth and will be in accord with family members of the living entity, the Earth.

 Next comes the love for “Heaven” – not in a christian sense, but in the sense which includes the earth and it’s surroundings – seeing the earth and yuourself as a part of something higher. You will enter the stage where you realize why you were born on the Earth and what you have to do on the Earth. Then you will finally develop the consciousness about the Universe and begin to seriously think about the question “Who am I?.” Your love is then promoted to the level of the Universe.

Like this, love may exist in many different levels, but we can say it is all the same in the characteristic that the energy called love creates new life force.

So I wonder…. If the consciousness of humanity grows and their love increases, can we change the situation of the upcoming crisis?

I guess the land cannot be restored even if you realize the value of a land after we have ruined it. I think we will have to go through what we should, but I believe that the intensity of the crisis can be decreased. If many people recognize and love the Earth as a living entity, they will be able to perceive the signals of the Earth. When they can converse with the Earth, they will be able to literally discuss the situations with the Earth. They will be able to evacuate in advance because they can receive information about the impending volcanic eruption.  For instance,  if you had to listen to the Earth right now, what do you think the it would say? It could be a predictable answer…that since the balance and harmony of its circulation system are broken, it would moan because of its serious illness –  it can hardly control the system anymore, so global warming and abnormal weather conditions come about

 – What can we do for the Mother Earth who moans with serious illness?

At first, we should sincerely feel sorry about  Mother Earth who has almost died because of her children who lack good sense and we should apologize to her. And then, we should think about how to cure her.  Growing life through securing farming or forests can be one of the healing methods for the Earth.

 If you put things into action one by one in this way with your concern and stir up your interest and love for the Earth and living things, that will be a solution. Love may sound unreal, but it is a very real method. In order to overcome the present crisis, humankind must fall in love with the Earth. It is love.

If we get to understand and love the earth sincerely, and don’t think only about  survival because of fear, the energy of the love will make us act unconsciously and that will make everything grow. If the actions and minds of such love are continued, the effects will spread like dominoes and will become a part of the entire consciousness of humankind and the Earth would cease its violent self-cleansing. Furthermore, the power of such love will be the source from which humankind will be born as the heroes of the new age.

I believe Earth is waiting for us to wake up…

From now on, let’s offer our sincere love to Mother Earth.





Each person who realizes the truth about how to live well should share those methods as much as they can to others, because the change of consciousness is the very thing which can prevent even worse scenarios in the next few years. You can change your cultures into one which can be accepted by nature and the universe.

Find the ways of living in eco-friendly communities, taking direct actions immediately such as reducing or eliminating your consumption of meat and try to understand the bigger picture of why these disasters have happened and what the responsibility of human beings are.

The faster we can awaken all human beings to the reality and come to live as part of nature, the more lives we can save in the near future. People who have transformed themselves into the new humankind will be able to survive. Earth can be reborn as a new Earth, with a new type of human being living on her land!


So, what do we have to do to change the future prospects of our world? How can we find our happy story instead of a tragic ending…?

The basic thing which the universe wants human beings living on earth to change, is their consciousness. If people become aware of themselves as a part of nature, rather than maintaining that nature is just there for your convenience, it would be the direction to which the universe wants you to move. The basic  principle is that of taking responsibility.

Having responsibility is the only way to gain a proper concept of the depth and width of the universe. It means, taking responsibility for all factors regarding your own lives – not blaming others for one’s own difficulties, making the effort to understand what the world needs from you. But responsibility, when it extends its capacity, asks you to see all the world’s problems as one’s own problems. It means thinking and acting as if one is responsible for the Earth. The first step is expanding one’s care boundary to include other people, all plants and animals and the Earth itself. Later on it is possible to have that type of relationship with the whole universe…

However, even thinking and acting well in the world is not enough either. If you know something which could save others around you, you should find the way to gently open their minds to the reality. Spreading the information about how we have been damaging nature and should stop, or letting others know how to live well too, becomes one’s responsibility when you know the real situation.

Specifically, certain aspects of culture which damage the environment and disrespect nature should be left behind as the habits of the old humankind. All aspects of human culture should be reviewed and examined for their relevance and desirability, for example – burial practices, attitudes to eating meat, hunting and poaching; how to build your houses and clothe yourselves in a way which does not cause harm to the world. All of these can be done is a beautiful, nature-friendly and sustainable manner which respects nature. If nature lives well, so do human beings. At some point, people just forgot that nature has provided everything forus to live until now.

Looking at the bigger picture… here are some specific things which people should try to change as soon as possible.

Deforestation should stop immediately, or all hope will be lost. Related to that, eating meat is very karmic…meat farming and also poaching and hunting should be avoided  because of Earth’s many endangered species of flora and fauna. Due to the deforestation there has been a huge loss of biodiversity. The answer is to find a way of living a natural life … It is necessary instead for people to learn how to plant perma culture forests, which create viable ecosystems and provide food, and this solution is the way to improve soil and hold the topsoil in place. It also enriches itself and begins providing its own fertilizer and these kinds of sustainable farming methods which respect nature and the environment will be the only ones existing in the future.

Also, people should make efforts to plant trees as a matter of habit, as they are key in attracting ecosystems to establish and they also attract rainfall by their very existence.

The Future world which the Earth would all like to see, is one where all creatures live in harmony under the protection of human beings. Under that protection, nature can reveal all of its secrets and beauty to human beings, whose eyes would have opened.

In the current situation, almost no-one knows the true beauty of Earth’s nature. It is primarily a matter of conciousness…


Recently, I have been feeling somewhat helpless about the Earth’s situation. I look around me and I see that people are taking too long to become awakened about the reality we are facing on Earth.

I am also too slow to move, sometimes I feel “Oh there’s too much to be done and what good could little me do to help such a drasitc situation”!

But I watched a splendid film the other day called “Dirt, the movie”

Please see it if you can. It is about exactly that “dirt” or soil and it goes into marvellous explanations as it shows our relationship to soil and how we have been damaging it. But rather than feeling more helpless by more doom and gloom, I was rather inspired by it’s message.

In the film there was also a contribution by one of my modern day heroes, Wangari Maathai, who is playing a great role for our planet from her place in Kenya Africa. I am humbled by her magnificent attitude and I loved her story ab out the hummingbird, from “Dirt: The Movie”

Please have a look at her delightful story below…

and by all means, please see the film! Here is the trailer…

There was a moment in time when we started going in the wrong direction…

Have you ever asked yourself what is really expectd of us as human beings?

What are we supposed to be doing here on the little green and blue planet somewhere in the universe?

On deep contemplation, there can only be one reason…

to have experiences and to use those experiences to evolve our spirituality.

How can we say we are living dignified lives, when we take this body given to us, and use it just for pleasure?

Sleeping too much, having too many sexual realtionships, eating too much…

How can we say our lives have meaning when we use our minds just for gaining power and money or fame?

How can we say we are living with respect when we damage nature out of greed?

But, if we were to take our bodies, our minds and nature and use them for a higher purpose, we could uplift our spirituality and have a good influence on those around us to do the same…

Trying to share qualities of Love, Beauty and Sincerity.

Now, that might be called a dignified life~

A life lived for the sake of spiritual evolution…

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